TechPark Overview

The Cabo Verde Technology Park is clearly a technology-based business Park where innovation is privileged and entrepreneurship is encouraged.

The project is currently under construction and its conclusion is due on mid 2020. It includes the construction of business, incubation, certification and training centers, administrative building, civic auditorium, Data Center, with parks in the cities of Praia and Mindelo.

This infrastructure aims to boost the TIC cluster, positioning Cabo Verde as an international center of service provision and as a Gateway to Africa for international reference companies in the sector.


Strategic Goals


  • Fostering an ecosystem of technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Establishing partnerships with key international players in the sector;
  • Attracting foreign direct investment for ICT-based services;
  • Empowering the development, visibility and distribution of e-governance solutions;
  • Expand and integrate e-solutions and services for diverse business areas;
  • Encouraging ICT training for domestic and regional human resources