SISP will build a new headquarters in Castelon Vale

Praia, July 17th 2019. The Interbank and Payment System Company – SISP will build a new head office at Castelon Vale. The infrastructure will be built in an area of 2.500 m2, in a functional and iconic architecture, environmentally and energetically sustainable where a part of the building will host high security zones, specially:

  • A Data Center Tier IV
  • A Center for Customizing Electronic Documents, certified by the PCI norms – Payment Card Industry and ICAO e-Passport Security Standards, which will be the building’s two most critical and important areas.

Castelon Vale is a technological real state zone complementing the Technology Park, near the Airport area, the Achada Grande Industrial Zone and the Port of Praia. The “Castelon Vale” project was developed together with the Municipality of Praia and has the slogan of transforming “Real State to Brain State” and aims to profit the neighborhood of the Technology Park to create an allotment to host companies.