Real Estate

The Special Economic Zone for Technologies (ZEET) is set up in the TechPark.

For the technology-based companies that want to set up in the Cabo Verde Technology Park, plots are made available for construction in the technological village “Castelon Vale”.

“Castelon Vale” and “Julion Vale” are technological real state buildings complementing Cabo Verde Technology Park and are designed to host technology companies that intend to benefit from the Market-Companies-Employment-Capacity-building ecosystem, created with the Cabo Verde Technology Park activities.

The TechPark is a special economic zone for technologies (ZEET). The companies that set up in the Park, including the neighboring areas of the “Castelon Vale” in Praia and in the “Julion Vale” park in Mindelo, will be free of:

  • Tax to corporate legal entities
  • Free of tax regarding VAT
  • Free of customs tax
  • Will benefit from tax incentives