Create and run

NOSi provides the innovative and low-cost platform for the creation of e-governance apps, based on business stages and processes, code automatic generation and incorporation of Once-Only-Principle (OOP) and aligned with the principle of One-Stop-Shop (OSS).

IGRPweb annual subscription will immediately entitle you to a VDC (Virtual Data Center), hosted at Data Center, with all the application already installed and ready to operate. 

  • Applications – Allow to independently create an unlimited number of e-governance applications.
  • Code generation – capacity to automatically generate 80% of the code so that the client can focus on the remaining 20%, customizing the application for the organization’s needs.
  • Drag and Drop – the UI design, processes and reporting can be made through a simple drag and drop.
  • Security – data security and audit in data access in any phase of the process.
  • Integration – capacity of integration and inter-operability with all native applications or other applications.
  • Always Available – the service is never interrupted due to lack of payment