Host your website with security

The Webhosting service provides spaces in shared server, with the use of server as “webserver” to host and manage your site. It also provides an excellent system of messages (webmail), subdomains management and database offer with specific characteristics in each pack.

Virtual Private Server – VPS

Your data in the cloud

Private virtual servers are provided for hosting, accessible through internet and equipped with high-level security and data confidentiality. The service allows the setup and server control, benefiting from a range of associated services as monitoring, high availability, and technical and specialized follow-up.

VDC – Virtual Data Center

Manage your Data Center

Logical and isolated virtual resources are provided, designed to allow self-provisioning and management of computing resources through internet, enabling the client to use them according to his/her needs.


Your data always with you

Through Backup service, the client can make data security copies.  He or She can also, at any time, have access to and retrieve data from a previous moment.