Create and run

NOSi provides the innovative and low-cost platform for the creation of e-governance apps, based on business stages and processes, code automatic generation and incorporation of Once-Only-Principle (OOP) and aligned with the principle of One-Stop-Shop (OSS).

IGRPweb annual subscription will immediately entitle you to a VDC (Virtual Data Center), hosted at Data Center, with all the application already installed and ready to operate. 

  • Applications – Allow to independently create an unlimited number of e-governance applications.
  • Code generation – capacity to automatically generate 80% of the code so that the client can focus on the remaining 20%, customizing the application for the organization’s needs.
  • Drag and Drop – the UI design, processes and reporting can be made through a simple drag and drop.
  • Security – data security and audit in data access in any phase of the process.
  • Integration – capacity of integration and inter-operability with all native applications or other applications.
  • Always Available – the service is never interrupted due to lack of payment

The Technology Park will adopt a consistent strategy to ensure the good relation with its stakeholders and will invest in the management of its human resources based on the principles that competences, (technical and, most of all, behavioral) are the key management elements and critical driver for people’s development and motivation. Among the actions to include in these plans some initiatives stand out: training, integration in the coaching program, team building, career management, functional mobility, among others.

The Technology Park will respect and promote the Human Rights and specific gender policies in its different intervention areas, both in terms of the investment policy, human resources management or in the value chain management.

With the underlying local communities, it will be a stimulus for the economic activity and will provide spaces of access to the community as libraries, sport and leisure spaces and commercial spaces.

The Cabo Verde Technology Park is clearly a technology-based business Park where innovation is privileged and entrepreneurship is encouraged.

The project is currently under construction and its conclusion is due on mid 2020. It includes the construction of business, incubation, certification and training centers, administrative building, civic auditorium, Data Center, with parks in the cities of Praia and Mindelo.

This infrastructure aims to boost the TIC cluster, positioning Cabo Verde as an international center of service provision and as a Gateway to Africa for international reference companies in the sector.


Strategic Goals


  • Fostering an ecosystem of technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Establishing partnerships with key international players in the sector;
  • Attracting foreign direct investment for ICT-based services;
  • Empowering the development, visibility and distribution of e-governance solutions;
  • Expand and integrate e-solutions and services for diverse business areas;
  • Encouraging ICT training for domestic and regional human resources





The Park’s incubator promotes and supports the creation of new businesses, it promotes youth entrepreneurship, mobilizes ICT sector and stimulate research and development, through the offer in attractive and competitive prices of infrastructure of excellence and support services to the start-ups, such as the access to a network of experts and networking, accreditation services, mentoring, among others.

It will be a space enabling the creation of innovative ideas where the cooperation between start-ups/project promoters is supported and promoted. It is oriented towards providing support to companies, assisting them in the maturation and acceleration of their business.

The Special Economic Zone for Technologies (ZEET) is set up in the TechPark.

For the technology-based companies that want to set up in the Cabo Verde Technology Park, plots are made available for construction in the technological village “Castelon Vale”.

“Castelon Vale” and “Julion Vale” are technological real state buildings complementing Cabo Verde Technology Park and are designed to host technology companies that intend to benefit from the Market-Companies-Employment-Capacity-building ecosystem, created with the Cabo Verde Technology Park activities.

The TechPark is a special economic zone for technologies (ZEET). The companies that set up in the Park, including the neighboring areas of the “Castelon Vale” in Praia and in the “Julion Vale” park in Mindelo, will be free of:

  • Tax to corporate legal entities
  • Free of tax regarding VAT
  • Free of customs tax
  • Will benefit from tax incentives


Host your website with security

The Webhosting service provides spaces in shared server, with the use of server as “webserver” to host and manage your site. It also provides an excellent system of messages (webmail), subdomains management and database offer with specific characteristics in each pack.

Virtual Private Server – VPS

Your data in the cloud

Private virtual servers are provided for hosting, accessible through internet and equipped with high-level security and data confidentiality. The service allows the setup and server control, benefiting from a range of associated services as monitoring, high availability, and technical and specialized follow-up.

VDC – Virtual Data Center

Manage your Data Center

Logical and isolated virtual resources are provided, designed to allow self-provisioning and management of computing resources through internet, enabling the client to use them according to his/her needs.


Your data always with you

Through Backup service, the client can make data security copies.  He or She can also, at any time, have access to and retrieve data from a previous moment.