City of Praia, July 25th 2019. The Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Finance, Olavo Correia announced that the Government will create a Special Economic Zone for Technologies (ZEET) and that it will be located at the Cabo Verde Technology Park, including the neighboring poles and areas of “Castelon Vale” in the city of Praia and of “Julion Vale” in Mindelo.

According to Olavo Correia, “in this area, everything related with unnecessary additional costs will be free, free of tax for companies, free of tax regarding VAT, free of tax regarding customs costs, para-fiscal incentives, as long as we safeguard what are our engagements in complying with the international fiscal rules”.

The Minister made these statements during the 3rd Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Cabo Verde Technology Park and reaffirmed in statement to the press after chairing in Praia the workshop “Promoting the 5th Generation of Mobile Communications in Cabo Verde”.

“Castelon Vale and Julion Vale” are technological real state projects complementing the Cabo Verde Technological Park, and are designed to host technology companies that intend to profit the Market-Companies-Employment-Capacity-building ecosystem created with the Cabo Verde Technology Park activities.

A delegation from the Bringbuys Web Technology from Macau was in Cabo Verde, from 13 to 15 June, to procced with the negotiations for the installation of a technology pole in Cabo Verde.

The Bringbuys Web Technology intends to enter the technological market of other counties in West Africa through the technological hub that Cabo Verde is implementing as plataform for cloud computing services. This project is aligned with the country’s digital transformation strategic plan.

The choice of Cabo Verde for the construction of the pole is, according to the President of Cabo Verde TradeInvest, Ana Barber, due to the fact that the Bringbuys Web Technology sees Cabo Verde as “an opportunity for business expansion on the African continent”.


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O Serviço de Webhosting disponibiliza espaço em servidor compartilhado, com a utilização do servidor como “webserver” para hospedar e gerir o seu site. Fornece ainda um sistema excelente de mensagens (webmail), gestão de subdomínios e oferta de base de dados com características especificas em cada pacote.

Virtual Private Server – VPS

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Oferece-se servidores virtuais privados para alojamento, acessível via internet e providos de alto nível da segurança e de confidencialidade dos dados. O serviço permite a configuração e o controle do servidor, beneficiando de uma série de serviços associados como monitoramento, alta disponibilidade e acompanhamento técnico especializado.

 VDC – Virtual Data Center

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Oferece-se recursos virtuais lógicos e isolados, desenhado para permitir o autoaprovisionamento e gestão dos recursos de computação através da internet, podendo o cliente usá-los consoante as suas necessidades.


Seus dados sempre contigo Com o serviço de Backup o cliente pode realizar cópias de segurança de dados. Pode ainda, a qualquer momento, aceder e recuperar os dados de um momento

Praia, July 17th 2019. The Interbank and Payment System Company – SISP will build a new head office at Castelon Vale. The infrastructure will be built in an area of 2.500 m2, in a functional and iconic architecture, environmentally and energetically sustainable where a part of the building will host high security zones, specially:

  • A Data Center Tier IV
  • A Center for Customizing Electronic Documents, certified by the PCI norms – Payment Card Industry and ICAO e-Passport Security Standards, which will be the building’s two most critical and important areas.

Castelon Vale is a technological real state zone complementing the Technology Park, near the Airport area, the Achada Grande Industrial Zone and the Port of Praia. The “Castelon Vale” project was developed together with the Municipality of Praia and has the slogan of transforming “Real State to Brain State” and aims to profit the neighborhood of the Technology Park to create an allotment to host companies.

The Training Center provides three types of services.

  • Training Services (technical and specialized)
  • Certification Services
  • Rental of rooms


  • Cabo Verdean ICT technicians, aiming at providing them with knowledge that supports the development of a competitive ICT cluster
  • Technicians from ECOWAS African sub-region
  • Technicians from CPLP countries

The businesses and projects in incubation will have access to a set of specific services for support, development, and acceleration of their activity, namely:

  • Support for business development;
  • Mentoring program and access to experts’ network and networking;
  • Accreditation;
  • Investment Forum;
  • Training programs;
  • Idea competition programs/business plan.
  • Tax exemption during the first three years of business operation


It is designed to host events or national and international meetings, within the scope of the Park activities. It hosts technologically duly-equipped spaces, multiuse in the sense of allowing the realization of different events (congress, conferences, seminars, training sessions, exhibitions, among others).

The integration of companies, both national and international, into the Business Center can be made through three different and complementing perspectives, namely:

  • Installation in a Business Space – it will allow companies to rent spaces for their activities (dedicated rooms), as well as enjoying common use spaces (i.e. meeting rooms) in a “user-pays logic”;
  • Space rent in a building for offices (offices center);
  • Construction of dedicated buildings using the urbanized area available in the Technology Park (dedicated buildings).

A physical infrastructure to host IT sector companies. The concentration of companies in the Park enables the creation of synergies and a specific ecosystem enabling business development.

With a privileged location, near the Praia international airport and equipped with a modern infrastructure and advanced and innovative equipments, the Business Center is an international showcase for the best of what is done in Cabo Verde in ICT, occupying a market space yet to be explored.