TechPark Overview

The Cabo Verde Technology Park is clearly a technology-based business Park where innovation is privileged and entrepreneurship is encouraged.

The project is currently under construction and its conclusion is due on mid 2020. It includes the construction of business, incubation, certification and training centers, administrative building, civic auditorium, Data Center, with parks in the cities of Praia and Mindelo.

This infrastructure aims to boost the TIC cluster, positioning Cabo Verde as an international center of service provision and as a Gateway to Africa for international reference companies in the sector.

TechPark Funtions

Data Center

Provides the latest data processing and storage services: Cloud Services, Hosting and Housing.

Administrative Building

Fundamental equipment for the good functioning of the entire park.

Business Center

To create synergies and a specific ecosystem enabling business development.

Incubation Center

Promotes and supports the creation of new businesses

Conference and Civic Center

The park’s meeting point par excellence. Conference, culture, leisure and sports.

Training Center

Provides training courses and technical certifications of medium level or higher in ICT


The Government of Cabo Verde announces the creation of Special Economic Zone for Technologies (ZEET)

City of Praia, July 25th 2019. The Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Finance, Olavo Correia announced that the Government will ...

Company from Macau negotiates the installation of technology pole in Cabo Verde

A delegation from the Bringbuys Web Technology from Macau was in Cabo Verde, from 13 to 15 June, to procced ...

SISP will build a new headquarters in Castelon Vale

Praia, July 17th 2019. The Interbank and Payment System Company – SISP will build a new head office at Castelon ...

2nd Phase - Park Initiatives


Start: 2017

The WebLab project is an initiative that aims to help reduce the digital divide by facilitating access to equipment and connectivity, knowledge and use of technologies. Empower young people in building and developing ICTs.

The project is technically supported by the Cape Verde Technology Park, which has NOSi as its designated managing entity.

NOSi Akademia

Start:  2016

Professional Internship Program for Innovation and Technology.

    3rd phase – February 2019

    Construction of Data Center for financial services. Start: 2017. Conclusion: 2020 | Mindelo Data Center – Disaster Recovery. Construction start: February 2019. Conclusion:2020.

    4th phase - October 2017

    Beginning of the works for the construction of Cabo Verde Technology Park. Start: October 2017. Conclusion: 2020


    Who can set up in the Cabo Verde Technology Park?

    Any technology-based company, national or international.

    What benefits are provided for those who set up in the Park?

    TechPark is a Special Economic Zone for Technologies (ZEET). The companies that set up in the Park, including to neighboring areas of the “Castelon Vale” in Praia and in the “Julion Vale” pole in Mindelo will be free of:

    • tax to companies,
    • free of tax regarding VAT,
    • free of customs tax;
    • they will benefit from fiscal incentives.

    What are the services provided by Cabo Verde Technology Park?

    – Data center

    – Business center

    – Training center

    – Incubation Center

    – Conference Center

    – Real Estate

    – Administrative Center